Create an intelligent upgrade version Stadium

From the perspective of our subdivided industry, the operation of the stadium after the Covid will accelerate the reform. Among them, the upgrade of the lighting system is extremely important, and the visual experience it brings will directly affect the venue experience of the contestants and the audience. “Bill Luo, chairman of AIKO Lighting Co., Ltd., said that the development of sports service complexes have spawned the needs of stadiums for multi -functional new sports lighting systems, realizing sports lighting cross -border integration, expanding the content of the venue operation content.

In 2010, when AIKO Lighting entered the led stadium lighting industry, the sports lighting market was almost monopolized by foreign brands. “At that time, whether it was product research and development or channel construction, there were not many opportunities to leave domestic companies.” After the emergence of LED sports lighting technology in 2012, AIKO lighting company ushered in the opportunity to “curve overtaking”.

As a result, the competitive advantage of the improved upstream and downstream supply chain systems of AIKO Lighting Enterprises highlights, and it has also ushered in the opportunity to break through the “encirclement circle” of the international brand.

“Except for the construction and operation of more and more sports events and stadiums in the world, China’s LED sports lighting industry has a increasing intuitive experience in the global market influence. When you go overseas to participate in the exhibition, you will find that there are more and more Chinese lighting companies participated in the exhibition. “Bill Luo said, whether it is independent research and development and manufacturing model, or foundry, component accessories (including heat dissipation modules, light sources, power sources, etc.), China’s lighting industry is full of door categories, high cost -effectiveness, The downstream industrial facilities can reach more than 50% of the entire supply chain market in the global lighting,we we have cooperate with many distributors of Philips.

With the arrival of the 5G Internet of Things era, future sports facilities will be fully upgraded to meet intelligent and digital operating needs. When the layout of the 5G network is completed, the future development of the LED sports lighting industry will also start the wisdom rhythm, and 5G will truly give sports lighting to the intelligence.

In Bill Luo’s opinion,led Stadium light must have 5G communication functions in the future, realizing the limit control of highly flexible networking and ultra -low latency. Various sensors will return the operation data of the lamps to improve the maintenance. Sexual application. The future development of the LED sports lighting industry needs to solve its own application problems in terms of standardization, intelligence, and reliability.

In terms of standard establishment, China has reached the forefront of the world. Leverated by the China Institute of Architecture Sciences Co., Ltd., the “Technical Requirements for the Application of LED Sports Lighting Application” edited by units and other units be implemented from October 2020. This standard involves all aspects of technical indicators and parameters, such as low glares of LED sports lighting applications.

Hug 5G, we need to inject “wisdom” into the lamp. For example, the intelligent control system can not only meet the light demand from different links from professional sports events to the front of the professional sports events, to rest in different links, but also allow users to control any lamp in the stadium through the mobile phone interface according to different needs. In addition, due to the high replacement and maintenance costs of led stadium lighting equipment, how to provide the user with high stability and reliable lighting system performance and make the lights of the lamps more than 20 years. It is a topic in front of all LED sports lighting companies.

I believe that with the increase in energy conservation and environmental protection awareness, improving TV broadcasts, enhancing fans’ experience, and reducing the increase in long -term operating costs, professional LED sports lighting will inevitably become a common choice for various stadiums.

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