TLCI in Stadium Lighting

What is TLCI?

It is short for Television Lighting Consistency Index. It is one key consideration of Stadium Lighting.

Why is TLCI?

In traditional lighting, we consider CRI for human eyes. But now, we consider TLCI for stadiums lighting. It’s a similar system to CRI, but considered more beneficial for the camera. To get a better effect, minimum CRI Ra80 is a must now, and a lot of new project even require CRI Ra90. So the broadcasters could evaluate the performance of lighting for television.

How to Make Qualitified TLCI?

Some may think it is easy to make quality TLCI as long as high CRI LED chips are used. That is not the case, sports lights are complicated product, with very high standards. We must balance the Horizontal average illuminance and its uniformity, Vertical average illuminance and its uniformity, Glare, and so on.

Check Our Stadium Lighting Case with Qualified TLCI?

Our products have been used in UEFA stadium. 118pcs 1000w, 44pcs 750w, TLCI>90. The players and audience present at the game had a fantastic experience, as did the audience watching from home. Television viewing of the game felt like they were actually physically at the stadium.

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