Lighting up UEFA Greece League

AIKO is responsible for illuminating the beautiful Georgios Kamaras Stadium which is the top 10 stadium with long history in Greece.

AIKO, the great manufacture in sports lighting, based in Shenzhen, China, is responsible for illuminating the beautiful Georgios Kamaras Stadium in Greece, the setting for the match of the Super League Greece.

The stadium Georgios Kamaras was the 100% LED lighting stadium installation in Greece. With its seating capacity of approximately 14,200 fans.The stadium is named Georgios Kamaras, in honour of Georgios Kamaras, old glorious player of Apollon.

Bright lights, big savings

The pitch area installed with 118pcs ATLAS-1000W and 44pcs ATLAS-750W

which delivers maximum quality for television transmission and meets the latest UEFA and FIFA broadcast standards.

President of Georgios Kamaras says the lighting system supports the club very well: “Thanks to AIKO’s expertise and experience, all fans entering the Georgios Kamaras Stadium can enjoy the best lighting experience enabled by the latest illumination technology.”

Special requirements from client

Urgent lead time of 15days per 118pcs 1000W and 44pcs 750W LED fixtures really kick ass of most suppliers in whole world. Meanwhile, client requires output lumens with 120lm/w and Ra>80. These special requirements sound incredible but it will never beat AIKO team. By setting a special project group, AIKO successfully assist client installed all these lamps in the pitch, and didn’t bring any extra cost to client.

AIKO Lighting Co., Ltd

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