Tips for Industrial Port Terminal Lighting

The role of port terminal lighting is becoming more and more important. As ports hold great economic significance, the port luminaire is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Port wharf plays an important role in berthing and loading, which is a distribution center of cargo and passenger flow. The port fixture is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the normal operation of gantry crane at night.

How to select port lighting? The good industrial port lighting of basement is sufficient illuminance which increases human visibility at night and enables people distinguish dangerous and avoid accident. Since the height of gantry crane is about tens of meters, it has the characteristics of wide operating range, the power should be more than 400W generally to meet the working surface’s illumination requirements. However, the definition of sufficient illuminance vary from areas. In general, recommended average horizontal illuminance at ground level for waterfront areas is 30lux. For container handling areas, the recommended average horizontal illuminance at ground level is 50lux. AIKO lighting is a company that you need to consider for all your needs, it’s known for the best crane light manufacturer in the region, since it offers superior light quality, the fixture offered by AIKO use the latest technology which make it possible for one to engage in precise directional work. As the high gantry crane, luminaires are not easy to repair, it’s necessary the fixture with long lifespan. AIKO lighting led brand is Osram and driver by world class Inventronics, average rated life cycle more than 76,000hrs.

AIKO lighting offers port lighting options in all high power color temperatures including 4000K, 5000K and 5700K. Whether you want slightly warmer color temperature or much cooler color, you can all get it at AIKO. CRI refers to the ability of a light source to show the accurate color of the item. Higher CRI brings clearer visibility to people.

Minimized lighting pollution should be take notice of and avoid the spill light and over-lighting. Lighting pollution refers to artificial light that is directed upwards and goes wasted and ends up illuminating the night sky with unnecessary and excessive light. To prevent the lighting trespass to residential areas, direct illumination within the boundary of residential areas shall not exceed 10lux. Excessive light and uncontrolled brightness will cause glare which will cause discomfort and distraction to pedestrians. For control the glare, we can reduce the mounting height or use full-cutoff led flood light.

And since the port fog is relatively heavy, in order to meet the requirements of the port operation surface illumination, we should use good light transmittance fixtures which shall have resistances to harsh environment, such as, vibration, corrosion and extreme temperature.

AIKO port lighting can help you benefit from energy and cost savings, welcome to contact us!

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