How to replace my current 2000 wattage metal halide fixtures with LED fixtures?

Metal halide fixtures are commonly used in large facilities, such as stadiums, hockey rinks, high by lighting for warehouse and large indoor spaces. Are you planning to replace the 2000 wattage PHILIPS ArenaVision MVF403 & MVF404 Metal halide fixtures?There are many advantages to do so. For example, it can save the cost of running cost and maintenance cost. Because LED is more efficiency and long life.

Let’s talk about how to replace 2000 wattage metal halide fixture with LED.

The first and foremost things we need to consider is the power of the LED lights for replacing the metal halide fixture.

After selecting the right LED Lumen to replace the metal halide stadium light, we have to deal with the weight of the LED light fixture.

If the weight of the light fixture exceeds the safety standard, it might be very dangerous as they may fall during the football of baseball matches.

So if you’re going to replace of your current 2000 wattage metal halide fixtures, we have to compare the weight of 2000w MH and LED light fixture. The safest approach is to choose light weight LED light fixture on the poles or stadium roof.

Another important aspect of metal halide fixtures replacement is the beam angle, which greatly affects the lighting uniformity, etc.

To replace of PHILIPS ArenaVision MVF403 & MVF404 is our company AIKO Lighting’s ARES LED Sports Stadium lights’ strongness.

AIKO Lighting’s ARES LED Sports Stadium lights choose advanced technology to get high efficacy and less glare optic performance, there are a variety of light distribution from ultra-small to large angle, suitable for different applications.

TLCI>90, Broadcast ready for >1000 fps, HD| 4K| 8K, enable TV broadcasters to film super-slow-motion replays with a flicker factor<1%

AIKO Lighting’s ARES LED Sports Stadium lights belong to light weight LED Sports Stadium lights,

The weight of max power 12000 Wattage is only 14 Kg, and the EPA is only 0.137m² or 1.1478ft², so our   AIKO Lighting’s ARES LED Sports Stadium lights are compatible to original pole.

Taking place of your current 2000W Metal halide fixtures PHILIPS ArenaVision MVF403 & MVF404 with AIKO ARES LED Sports Stadium lights saves energy and operating costs.

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