What are the lighting standards for football fields?

For many outdoor football fields, it is not only necessary to have comfortable grass conditions, but also must be matched with bright lighting fixtures, so that football players can feel a clear vision when playing football.

If the installation of lighting does not meet the standard provisions, it is particularly easy to let the athletes experience uncomfortable feeling, slightly to look at the distance feel laborious, not to mention the process of playing football also need to pay attention to where the ball is, especially interfere with the experience of playing football.

The standard provisions are to confirm the standard provisions of the lighting fixture in accordance with the function of the football field. It is divided into about seven levels, the illumination of the training and entertainment activities is 200lx, the amateur game is 500lx, the professional event is 750lx, the usual tv broadcast is 250lx, the large international event is 1400lx, and the tv emergency is 750lx.

The lighting lamps used in the football field are usually LED projection lamps of 250W and 1000W, which can be installed on the edge of the ceiling of the auditorium or above the vertical poles, which are installed on the four sides of the football field. And according to different football stadium lighting standards are not the same to confirm the total number of lights and power size.

How many ways is the light pole installed in football field?

One: The light poles are arranged in the four corners of the football field

Distribute the light evenly according to the football field, and install 4 groups of lights in the four corners of the cloth lamp and the football field. Each group of high-pole lights is equipped with multiple LED projection lights.

Two: four sets of lamp cloth and the way on both sides of the football field

Each set of light poles is equipped with a number of LED projection lamps, and the power is usually 250W, 1000W or 1500WLED lamps.

Three: 6 sets of lights on the four sides of the football field

6 sets of light poles 2 lamps per assembly

Four: four sides evenly distributed light, according to 8 groups of lights.

How high should a football stadium light pole be installed?

The total length of the outdoor 5-a-side football field is 38-42 meters and the total width is 18-22 meters.

The size of this sports field is equivalent to a standard basketball court. Although there is no clear regulation on the height of the light pole in futsal football field, according to the practical experience of most outdoor football field lighting fixtures, it is more appropriate to choose the 6-8 meter high light pole in futsal football field. This height can not only ensure the uniform distribution of the LED lighting in the mainstream football field in the market. Light effect is high, and it is not easy to cause dizziness to interfere with the visual judgment of football players.

The total length of the outdoor 7-a-side football field is 65-68 meters and the total width is 45-48 meters.

As the area of the site increases, the height of the lamp post can be determined to be 12-15 meters depending on the type of lighting fixture and power size used. In terms of practical effect, 12-15m light poles can completely support the lighting needs of seven-a-side football stadiums.

The outdoor 11-a-side football field has a total length of 100-110 meters and a total width of 64-75 meters.

According to the two different ways of installing light poles on both sides of the football field and installing light poles on four corners, the height of light poles is 20-25 meters, of which 20 meters is suitable for the way of installing light on both sides and 25 meters is suitable for the way of installing light on four corners.

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