Three Ways of Lighting the Natatorium

Three Ways of Lighting the Natatorium

  1. The upper part of large natatorium should be illuminated with a deep lighting flood light. For the sake of safety to limit glare, can be equipped with a special treatment of the lamp shade and protective net. The backstroke in swimming is difficult to solve the glare problem, so the lamps should use diffuse transmission materials in addition to the visor to limit glare.
  2. Adopt luminous ceiling or light belt lighting. If the natatorium does not include diving platform, in the case of the ceiling is not very high, you can use luminous ceiling lighting. Luminous ceiling can solve the problem of glare better, but the light efficiency is low, the number of light source needs to be increased, and the cost of large-area layout is high. If light tape is used instead of light ceiling, installation is relatively easy.
  • Diffuse illumination is formed by the reflection of the ceiling. The illumination direction of the lamps is the ceiling, which shall adopt diffuse reflective materials with high reflection coefficient, such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel panels with ground surface treatment to form indirect lighting.  The light effect of this way is still not too high, and the effect of large area lighting is not good, should be used in combination with other lighting methods.

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