What are the requirements for tennis court lighting?

For the sport of tennis, professional aiko harmony G3 tennis courts lighting are indispensable! For a modern tennis court, it is not only required that the building has a beautiful appearance, all kinds of tennis equipment are well-equipped, but also requires a good harmony tennis lighting environment, that is, it requires suitable and uniform illumination and brightness, ideal light color, three-dimensional sense and no Glare, etc.

high mast lighting

Generally, in the harmony tennis lighting design of a tennis court, the following three factors should be considered:

  1. Meet the visual requirements of players and referees during tennis matches, and minimize the objective impact of lighting on the game, so that the lighting will not affect the process of the game.
  2. To meet the visual requirements of the audience, so that the discomfort caused by the light when watching the game is reduced to a minimum.
  3. Meet the lighting requirements of color TV broadcast, and improve the quality of broadcast as much as possible.

sports lighting arena

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