Sports Light Implementation

Existing Pole of club and stadium

The pole/column is the first thing we should care about before we upgrade the lighting system in the sports field. Usually, local club and community will apply 15m~20m pole for their sports courts. And large stadiums will use 25m~50m pole/tower.

sports lighting

60% of Projects are Retrofitting

Since pole is a durable product could last for 10 to 20 years, most of the lighting projects will keep the existing pole in the sports court. By this way, you must select the competent sports light when you go to upgrade the sports lighting system for your client.

Check the existing Metal Halide/HPS sports light

round hps lighting

The facts which you should care about

You need to check the weight, dimension,circuit, bracket of the existing Metal Halide/HPS flood light. Because the existing pole is designed for them. And when you upgrade these floodlight with your new LED sports lights, you must make sure the LED floodlight could be competent to retrofit them well, otherwise, you will cost much money to revise the existing infrastructure on pole and take much time to revise the lighting design.

AIKO Lighting offer the perfect retrofit solution

Our 1200W LED Sports light can retrofit existing 2000W HPS/MH floodlight without any tolerance. Because the weight, dimension, bracket and output are same.

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