What is the Key to Attracting Customers for Basketball Court Lighting?

As the main venue for sports, the basketball court is one of the sports venues that many people are willing to play in, and the brightness of the basketball court also determines the safety and comfort in the process of playing basketball. The stadium lights can effectively increase the safety, And add more enjoyably to the players.

So what is the key to attracting customers with basketball court LED lights?

  1. Enough brightness, easier and safer movements of players.

The range of normal court lights may be too restrained, and the area covered is also small. For amateurs and those who need professional training venues, the LED lights on thebasketball court need to have a large enough amount of light to illuminate the whole venue, and the brightness of the venue lights is strong enough to ensure the players with the best exercise and training experience.

  1. Security and stability

There may be different pressures and influences of external environment inside the court. Therefore, in order to prevent damage and safety risks caused by excessive external influences, the LED court lamp selected should have strong safety, so as to prevent explosion or glass splashes caused by explosion, which may affect personal safety.

  1. Good for retrofits and Cost effective

Aiko Lighting’s stadium lights can meet the Elite A standard, and the quality and performance are very good. At the same time, the Aiko team is very professional in optical technology, so the anti-glare of the lights is very good, and it is super friendly to the neighbors. In addition, AIKO’s production is in patented designs, excellent for retrofit projects.

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