2020 Golf course lighting, what should you pay attention to?

Golf is an outdoor sport. People were walking on the grass, and the balls were flying over the grass. Therefore, when considering the lighting of the golf course, not only the illuminance of the golfer’s walking, but also the illuminance of the ball falling on the lawn should be considered.

In a golf course, a hole is mainly composed of a tee, fairway and green. Since each course is designed differently, the sections are arranged differently in the course. Therefore, night lighting must also take due account of them to benefit their own role. Proper lighting arrangements can also add to the fun and challenge of golfing at night.

  1. Lighting in the hitting area. Behind the main batting area, place light poles at least 5 meters away from the batting area. To use broad lighting equipment, there should be enough diffuse light in the hitting area. At the same time, the lamps also consider distributed installation. To reduce shadows in the hit area.
  2. The lighting device can have sufficient vertical lighting in front of the hitting area. So most of the light needs to be cast very far. The trajectory and hitting area of the golf ball being hit can have sufficient lighting. Allows the batter to more clearly track the ball’s trajectory and where it falls.
  3. The arrangement of light poles and lamps should have sufficient horizontal illumination and uniformity. Minimize excessive shading in lighting.
  4. The installation and projection direction of the lamps should make the projection direction of the lamps and the light on the main channel consistent with the line of sight of the batsman, so as to avoid reverse strong light exposure. Luminaires on adjacent aisles should avoid glare caused by direct light.

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Refer to the standard values of the illumination standards for golf courses and other stadiums.

The illuminance value of the golf course is recommended as follows:

  1. The average illuminance value of the hitting area of the main shot area of the hitting area should be 150Lux or more:
  2. The vertical illuminance of the hitting area within the height of 30m, the average vertical illuminance behind the main pole area should be above 100Lux; the average vertical illuminance at 100m in front of the hitting area should be above 300Lux; the average vertical illuminance at 200m in front of the hitting area should be 150Lux the above.
  3. The channel illumination needs to have an average illuminance of more than 120 Lux over the total length of the channel. The average vertical illuminance should be 50Lux or more.
  4. The green area of the putter should also have sufficient illumination. It should also minimize the shadow of the human body caused by the hitter when hitting the ball in multiple directions in the area. The average illuminance in this area should be above 250Lux.

Golf course area

How to choose lighting fixtures?

Once upon a time, metal halide lamps have been used in golf courses because of their good color rendering and high light efficiency. But with the development of LED lights, a lot of golf courses have chosen to replace traditional metal halide lamps with LED golf course floodlights. LED golf course floodlights have a luminous efficacy of up to 160 LM/W, CRI> 90, lifespan several times that of metal halide lamps, and 300W LED lighting can replace 600–750W metal halide lamps. Energy consumption will also be reduced by 60–80%, Our Harmony series stadium lighting is configured rotating scale on the luminaire for customers to adjust the angle more accurately. It is now the best choice for golf course lighting.

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