Brief Guide on Sports Lights

Sports lights are also known as stadium lights, usually high power from 600W-1800W, mounted on tall heights with small beam angles that range between 12 to 60 degrees.

With a small beam angle, you will realize that the intensity of that angle can easily allow brighter light to penetrate the ground from different heights.

Sports lights can often be mounted on different heights on the different venue. They may range from 25 feet to 60 feet. However, there are sports lights that are used in major leading sporting venues and can be mounted over 120 feet high. Such devices will produce about 400 plus footcandles from the ground. This is an amazing feat. After all, street lights are often mounted in about 20 to 30 feet, with the beam angle slightly wider, about 20 footcandles can illuminate the ground.

 LED is an ideal example of sports light. Sports lights are energy-efficient and dynamic. They also can easily be controlled. Using in various sports, including football, baseball, and tennis courts.   

How bright are the sports lights?

LED stadium lights start at about 84,000 lumens. The dynamics of these lights include large stadiums dedicated to different sports, which are known to be an important part of people’s pastime. During the day, these outdoor sports fields can receive illumination from the sun, while at night they require supplemental lighting from professional sports lights. Therefore, for different sports events to be held successfully, investing in stadium lights is essential.

The lighting is properly designed to help highlight the dynamics of the various sports, from a more unobstructed view of the main players without interrupting their focus on the game.

How to mount the sports light in right way?

It is important to know how sports lights are mounted. In many cases, they are mounted starting from 40 feet for approximately 600 watts and then 60ft for about 1200 watts. Undoubtedly, the best way is adapting professional lighting calculations (Dialux/AGI32) to find the best solution. So if you have any project needs to proposal, please contact us to see what can we do for you!

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