Ski Slope Lighting Guide

The beauty of the nature and the dynamics of the movements make the skiing one of the most popular and attractive sports in a lot of countries. The daylight skiing is the most often practice but not only. The night time practicing has its own beauty and is also attractive. For this purpose is needed appropriate artificial lighting. In some cases and for big international events it is obligatory. The visual tasks, the curved slope fields, the not smooth calculating surfaces, the snow reflection characteristics, the speed of the movement and recognition make this field of lighting design quite interesting and challenging as the sport itself.

Requirements for ski slopes

Requirements for ski slopes

AIKO Lighting can provide outstanding products and solutions for your ski slope project.

ski slope lighting

Harmony G3 is our patented design and has been installed in 1 UEFA, 1 FIFA and many sports facilities around the world.

Harmony G3 is an excellent choice for ski slope lighting. It is low temperature resistant, waterproof, has excellent lumen output, low wind resistance, flexible installation and long life performance in harsh environments.

Power from 500W to 1800W, with various light distribution options, lumen efficiency up to 140lm/W, Ra80, great performance and > 100,000 hours lifespan. Supports Art-Net, DMX, RDM, DALI, multi-Intelligent controls, WIFI, Zigbee. ENEC, CB, SAA, CE, ROHS, LM-79, TM21, ISTMT, IP66, IK08 and salt test approved.

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