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Outdoor LED lighting is more durable and long-lasting than traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium stadium lights. LED sports lighting fixtures generate brighter and better quality light that gives athletes and spectators alike a better opportunity to see the action on the field, which improves the overall quality of the athletic competition as well as the entertainment value for patrons. Further, LED lights consume less than half the energy of traditional lights, and require less maintenance and repair over their longer useful lifespans. If there’s one thing that a professional sports stadium and local high school have in common it’s that their sports lighting is very high off the ground. We’re not talking about a step ladder. This saves substantial operating costs and adds to the bottom line. In most cases, the initial costs of installing LED lighting can be recovered through operating costs savings in just a few years.

Current generations of LED lights are more versatile, with spectrum-tuning characteristics that allow changes in the nature and quality of light for different events that might be hosted at a football stadium, including concerts and conventions. Field and stadium operators can use LED lighting to expand the utility of a space beyond fifteen annual games.

More and more outdoor sporting venues are taking note of the advantages that LED lighting offers. The LED outdoor sports revolution is taking hold, changing the way we play and see our favorite sports.

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