Selection method of basketball court lighting fixtures and matters needing attention in the selection of court lighting fixtures

Basketball is a sport that is very popular with everyone. Many people invite a few friends to play basketball on the basketball court in their leisure time to relax. But for a modern basketball court, whether it is a professional venue or an amateur venue, not only the ground and the basketball stand are needed, but also the support of professional lighting.

Site lighting requires professional lighting fixtures, which can ensure that there will be no glare or glare on the site. Ensure that athletes can clearly see the trajectory of the ball during the game, and then quickly make offensive or defensive actions. Even in professional events, it is necessary to meet the needs of television or other media broadcasting.

For a good basketball venue, you should choose a good lighting fixture, which can not only improve the overall influence of the venue, but also bring more traffic to the venue. So, how to choose the lighting fixtures on the basketball court, and what characteristics should we pay attention to?

  1. Illumination level of basketball court

Simply put, it is bright enough, and the illumination levels of different venues are different. Generally speaking, the vertical illuminance should be greater than 1/2 of the horizontal illuminance. When the vertical illuminance is equal to the horizontal illuminance, the sports environment is ideal.

  1. The lighting uniformity of the basketball court

Uniform lighting is a measure of the visual condition of a basketball court. Uniformity means that the basketball court can be evenly illuminated, and there should be no areas that are too bright or too dark, so as to provide good visual effects for basketball players, spectators and referees.

  1. The glare value of the basketball court

The size of the glare value is another important indicator of the lighting quality of the basketball court. The generation of glare is related to the installation method, installation height, number of lamps, installation density, and light distribution of the lamps. If there is glare on the field, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, and it is impossible to see the surrounding things clearly for a while. Over time, it will bring uncomfortable visual effects such as dazzling to the eyes of the athletes, and cause the athletes to not be able to exert their strength normally, which will eventually affect the result of the game.

In the field of basketball court professional lighting, there are many choices of different lamp types, brands and prices in the market, good and bad. As the country vigorously develops the sports industry, more and more venue operators pay attention to professional knowledge. For the lighting design of the basketball court, AIKO Lighting’s professional services fully guarantee the quality of the tennis court lighting. At the same time, AIKO Lighting provides high-quality products to ensure the lighting effect of the stadium and provide a good lighting environment for different basketball courts. It is loved by the leaders of various colleges and venues!

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