Lighting requirements for different venues

Football Field Lighting:

Football lighting is divided into indoor football field lighting and outdoor football field lighting, and the way to install lights in different venues is also different. Lighting standards are determined according to the different uses of the football field. It is divided into seven levels. The illumination of training and entertainment activities is 200lx, 500lx for amateur games, 750lx for professional games, 1000lx for general TV broadcasting, 1400lx for high-definition TV broadcasting of large-scale international games, and TV emergency lighting is 1000lux.

In the past, traditional football stadiums generally used 1000W, 1500W metal halide lamps or floodlights. Due to the shortcomings of traditional lamps such as glare, high energy consumption, short life, inconvenient installation, poor color rendering, and insufficient actual brightness, it has been very difficult. It is difficult to meet the lighting requirements of modern stadiums.

The lamps used for football balls are generally high mast lights or sports light lights. The position of lights can be installed on the edge of the stand ceiling or above the lighting poles, and the poles are installed around the stadium, and the lighting requirements of different stadiums are determined according to the different lighting requirements. Quantity and power size.

The lighting quality of sports venues is mainly considered from the following five aspects:

1. Illuminance level: whether the luminosity reaches the standard

2. Illumination uniformity: Whether the illumination of the sports venue is uniform

3. Glare: Is the glare obvious?

4. Comparison of restoration degree: whether the photo or video taken is much different from the actual

5. Stability of lighting: whether it is stroboscopic

Basketball court lighting:

1. It consists of six sets of stadium lights: it is suitable for standard competition courts, fee-paying courts, professional competition courts, etc. It is characterized by high requirements for illumination, and the average illumination is above 500lx.

2. Composed of eight sets of stadium lights: suitable for professional basketball court lighting, with high contrast illumination requirements. The venue lighting is evenly distributed, which meets the requirements of regular competitions. The average illuminance of the venue is above 550lx.

3. The method of lighting distribution in the sky: the lamps are installed on the ceiling, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and is suitable for small and medium-sized indoor basketball courts.

4. Ma Dao cloth lamp method: the lamps are installed on the brackets around the court, which is suitable for large and medium-sized indoor basketball courts.

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