Basketball court lighting scheme

The lighting of LED basketball court lights must not only meet the requirements of the game, but also meet the requirements of color temperature, temperature, and uniformity of illumination. In addition, the arrangement of lighting fixtures needs to be closely coordinated with the overall planning of the stadium and the structure of the stands. The lighting of stadiums is an important part of sports design and is relatively complicated. It not only needs to meet the requirements of athletes for competitions and spectators, but also meets the requirements of live TV broadcasting for lighting color temperature, illuminance, and illuminance uniformity, which are far higher than those of athletes and spectators.

       A.Choice of light source:

  1. For stadiums with high lighting installation height, the light source should use LED stadium lights that emit light at a small angle.
  2. For indoor gymnasiums with low light sheds and small areas, LED stadium lights with low power and large lighting angles should be used.
  3. LED stadium lights with explosion-proof function can be used as the light source in special places.
  4. The power of the light source should be compatible with the size of the playing field, installation location and height. Outdoor gymnasiums should use high-power LED stadium lights, and the light source should be guaranteed to work uninterrupted or start quickly.
  5. The light source should have a suitable color temperature and good color rendering.

       B.Selection of lamps:

  1. The safety performance of lamps and accessories should fully comply with the relevant standards.
  2. The anti-shock level of lamps should meet the following requirements: industrial lamps or second-class lamps with metal casings should be selected. Swimming pools and similar places should use lamps with a class III protection against electric shock.

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