Replace Metal Halide Lamp With LED But Still Use old Poles

Why “can I replace metal halide lamp with LED but still use old poles?” are concerned by quite a lot of clubs, that is because the poles generally cost 20% of the total sports lighting project value. So, saving the cost of the poles means save quite a lot of money. Additionally, with a 14+ week lead time for the poles, the job could be completed a lot sooner with a lot less hassle and mess if not changing the poles.

So, what is the answer to “can I replace metal halide lamp with LED but still use old poles?”?

It is hard to answer “yes” or “no”, but two points are super important that you need to concern about.

1.the weight of the sports light

LED fitting is heavier than equivalent metal halides by around 50%, so the weight of the sports light is very important. You need to consider if your old pole can withstand the weight of led light.

2.the windages area/ “sail area”

Many LED’s are mounted up at an angle rather than flat mount like most metal halides. This extra “sail area” is a major factor to be taken into account in the engineering calculations and would be the primary cause of issues, even more so than the weight. 

AIKO lighting G3 Harmony sports light can well replace your metal halide lamp using old poles. With light weight and small windages area/ “sail area”, your sports lighting projects will be easier.

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