Considering LED lights?Light poles are also an important part

Considering LED lights?

Light poles are also an important part

LED lamps have many advantages, such as longer service life and higher efficiency. As we all know, lighting pole is a huge expense in a lighting project, so before you decide to modify your lighting equipment, you should understand the relevant problems of lighting pole failure.

Causes of lamp pole failure

There are two reasons for the failure of the lamp post after LED upgrading:

  • The lamp post is in poor condition before replacement
  • The lamp post design is not suitable for handling the weight and/or configuration of new lamps. When the pole falls, it may cause serious injury and major property loss

Inspection can help

Establish pole maintenance plan, including regular inspection. We recommend checking the poles quarterly. Here are some details to pay attention to:

  • Check carefully for rust, corrosion and dents.
  • Check the supports, arms, lamps and welds for any signs of metal fatigue.
  • Make sure that the handhole, base and nut cover are securely connected.
  • Ensure that all anchor bolts and nuts are in place and tightened.
  • Check for signs of vibration, such as buzzing, visual movement, or loose accessories.


According to the above, choosing our lamps and lanterns can save the cost of lamp poles, because our lamps and lanterns have lighter weight and smaller wind resistance, so we can use thinner lamp poles to a certain extent, reducing the cost of lamp poles. Lower the budget of the whole lighting project, and you can get more profits.

If you have LED lamp replacement and upgrading projects, please feel free to contact us. We can provide you with one-stop services from light simulation to site installation, so that you can easily win the project. The contact information is as follows:


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