New Release Harmony AFL09 G3 Flood Lighting

The new product Harmony flood lighting is designed to compete with Philips OptiVision Gen3, no matter in size, in weight or in lighting beam angles. Please refer to below pictures.

champion flood lighting

Features for Long Lasting Performance:

– AkozNobel Coating, the best painting for outdoor application and for marine grade
– AL1070 Aviation Aluminum 
– Electrophoretic cold forging ensures high resistance of corrision
– Galvanized Bracket
– Up to 3000 hours salt spray test
– IP66 ( Dust penetration-protected, jet-proof)
– IK08 [ 5 J vandal-protected] 
– Ta: -30℃ to +50°C
– 10 Years Warranty

Multiple beam angles could meet most of your sports facilities and high mast lighting applcations. It can cover entertainment sports arenas, and professional stadiums illumination. We had finished many types of sports fields, like soccer field, golf course, bowling green, pickle ball, tennis court, etc.

Project Case Studies

- Soccer Training Field Lighting, in Europe

  • 600W LED Sports Lighting
Soccer Training Field Lighting (1)
Soccer Training Field Lighting (2)
Soccer Training Field Lighting (3)

- Golf Course Lighting - in Middle East

  • 1000W Sports Lighting
Golf Course Lighting (1)

Tennis Court Lighting

  • 500W LED Sports Lighting
Tennis Court Lighting (3)
Tennis Court Lighting (2)
Tennis Court Lighting (1)

Testimonial from our customers

Albert@CEO from xxx Company
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Yes i did... received them .. yes the client has seen them and likes the compactness and quality , but we are awaiting the installation location to check its performance....
Quite a lot customers start trial order of this product. Mostly are quite happy with the ies performance. 
Welcome to test a sample. 

AIKO is specialized in high wattage up to 2400W LED sports lighting, flood lighting & high mast lighting with 11 years of experience. Customized products are available as per your project requirements. Please contact us with any questions

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