Brighten the Game with Well Controlled Beam Angle of Flood Lighting, not the Sky and Neighbors

What is light pollution?

sky with light pollution
useful light

Light pollution is the presence of artificial light in the night environment, excessive, misleading or excessive use of light will exacerbate this situation. Light pollution competes with the stars in the night sky for urban residents. Its sources include external and internal lighting of buildings, advertising, commercial properties, factories, street lights and sports lights.

For example, light pollution in sports fields may cause:

Bother anyone who lives in the area. Especially those whose windows overlook the stadium lights.

Players are glare or temporarily blind. As a result, it leads to potentially harmful accidents.

Safety issues for any drivers nearby. The spilled light can cover a large area and affect people driving near the facility. Especially near crossroads and crosswalks.

Sleep problems. At night, excessive exposure to artificial light can harm anyone’s health.

How to fix it?

sports area lighting
glare light
spill light
asymmetrical lighting fixtures
symmetrical lighting fixtures

Using high-efficiency LED lights is the first step to solve the problem of light pollution.

In the old lighting system, it was necessary to use lamps with a power much higher than that required to obtain sufficient ground lighting. Furthermore, due to the lack of an optical system, the old floodlights need to be manually tilted to illuminate all sports field areas. The new LED sports lighting design comes with remote control through apps and automatic lighting solutions.


Our’s flood lights with the potential to be a more precise tool, delivering light only where it is needed, built upon non-polluting LED-technology, delivering light to sports arenas, fields and creative project ONLY where the light is supposed to be, and remove disturbing light pollution to neighbors and surroundings.

We have a team who really understand the actual site very well to go to the project site to record and provide help.

Let’s brighten the game together.

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