How to Replace Philips MVF403/404 MH Flood Lighting?

ASP04 ARES flood lighting is a great choice for replacing the Philips MVH MH series. Following are the reasons:

1. Diameter
     – Philips: dia 592mm
     – Ares: dia 482mm
Ares is smaller than Philips’s 2000W MH. So there is no problem to replace the existing Philips 2000W in dimensional.
2. Size of Installation bracket
– There is one type of installation hole of Philips 2000W.
– There are two types of installation holes of AIKO’s 1000W LED. It is rotatable at the same time.

3. Weight

– Philips MVF403: 2000W<16kg
– ARES 1200W Sports Lighting <14.5kg

ARES sports lighting is an ideal replacement lighting for Philips MVF403/MVF404 series.


4. Certification of ARES ASP04 Sports Lighting


– LM79, LM80, TM21, ISTMT

– CB


Replacement of MVF403 MH Philips

Project Pictures

Round Sports Lighting
1200W sports lighting
sports arena lighting

AIKO is specialized in high wattage up to 2400W LED sports lighting, flood lighting & high mast lighting with 11 years of experience. Customized products are available as per your project requirements. Please contact us with any questions

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