New Product Publishing – 1500W LED Sports Lighting

We are glad to publishing our new LED sports lighting – 1500W Ares LED Sports Lighting. It is one of the best performance of 1500W LED sports lighting in the filed. Product description as below,

For the existing poles, ready poles, on special purpose poles, or roof-mounted structures installation applications, AIKO Lighting’s 1500W Ares sports lighting is able to provide a perfect solution. With robus and reliable quality, Ares 1500W sports lighting could meet your customized requirements for your sports fields or facilities.

1500W LED Flood Lighting

– One module system for quick access installation

– Compact size, low weight, perfect for retrofit projects

– Tempered glass, for great anti-uv protection

– Multiple beam angles, 15°/25°/45°/60°, it could be installed on high poles, like 50meters pole, super for the stadiums

– Remote mounting solution for easy and trouble-free maintenance

-Provided 7 years warranty

-Cutting-off shields for better environment and great spill light control

– ies / ldt files available

– Professional AGC32 / Dialux lighting calculations available

– One to one brackets for traditional big brands MUSCO or Philips flood lighting brackets

– Samples available for evolution

AIKO Lighting is a professional supplier in sports lighting fields for 12 years. We had done 1000+ sports lighting projects globally, including the soccer fields, golf-course, tennis courts, baseball, hockey fields, and so on. All products range have been listed on CE, CB, ENEC, IECEE, UL and etc. AIKO Lighting has been approved by many big brands in Europe and North America markets. With the skilled R&D technical team and the experience in the fields, AIKO Lighting is the best matching one to provide the customized sports lighting solutions for your sports fields. Contact or visiting to get your solution.

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