What characteristics should the 2022 Qatar World Cup football stadium lighting have?

The four-year World Cup is held in Qatar, and the quarter-finals are about to begin. When we watch the live broadcast/broadcast images, do you have such confusion: what kind of lighting can meet the needs of referees, athletes, live audiences and TV audiences at the same time? The answer is: LED outdoor stadium lights.

What characteristics should football field lighting have?

The choice of lamps is very important for football games. In the past, the football field lighting used in outdoor stadiums was generally metal halide lamps, but in the process of use, problems continued, which caused considerable trouble for the football field! For example, glare, overflow light, and lamp quality problems caused by lamp heating have seriously affected the progress of professional football games.

After that, the stadium has updated the lighting of the football field, replacing the metal halide lamps with more advanced LED sports lighting.

LED stadium light is a new generation of green lighting system, which minimizes the light pollution to the surrounding environment, effectively prevents overflow light and glare, minimizes the light irradiated outside the venue, and protects the beautiful night sky. LED stadium lights also provide football field lighting for athletes and spectators, creating a more comfortable competition and viewing environment.

The most important goal of football field lighting is to illuminate the playing field, provide high-quality digital video signals to the media, and have no disgusting glare to the players and referees, and no spillage and glare to the audience and the surrounding environment.

Let me recommend a product that absolutely subverts the market from our “AIKO Lighting“.

Harmory G3, a product that has received high praise from professional customers since it was first promoted.

Its compact size, low wind resistance, and light weight make it very suitable for retrofit  or new construction projects, and the 1500W is only 19.5kg, which is a product that very few manufacturers can do.

Its lens is made of imported Japanese materials, with professional sports lighting light distribution, so that the light can be accurately projected in the required position in the field, reducing the interference to the surrounding environment and residents. We all know that light pollution is a common problem in European and American countries. It is very important, and we must strictly control it. It has a variety of combinations and installation methods. Both integrated installation and separate installation are possible.

The atmosphere in the stadium can instantly ignite the emotions of the audience and players. Harmony G3 accurately adjusts RGB colors to bring colors across the stadium to life.

Relevant Knowledge

(1)Lighting installation height

The installation height of football field lighting determines the success of the lighting system. The height of the lamp frame or lamp pole should meet the angle of 25° from the center of the venue to the auditorium of the stadium and the horizontal plane. The height of the luminaire frame or pole may exceed the minimum angle requirement of 25°, but shall not exceed 45°.

(2)Consider camera angles

Football stadium lighting systems are usually divided into five levels (level I-level V). Two of these levels require high-quality television broadcasting. Another level does not require televised coverage. In the case where TV broadcast is required, in order to ensure that each camera receives enough light and records high-quality video, the lighting design should consider the actual camera positions used.

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