How much does a floodlight system cost?

Sports facilities receive funding. Those responsible must therefore know very quickly how expensive modern lighting is and what the costs of retrofitting will be. Different areas have different cost focuses, so we’ve put together a small table of how expensive the conversion can be. Actual costs will vary based on lighting class, style, luminosity, product quality, regional price differentials and economic cycles.

What does the cost table above include?

  • floodlight towers
  • LED floodlights
  • Concept / Planning
  • Electrical installation work
  • Distributor and cable supply
  • Earthworks
  • Assembly and adjustment costs
  • Test report and documentation

Precise planning gives security about the actual costs, contact us free of charge and we will help you with the entire project process, from the accompanying engineering office to the full-service provider, we can help you.

Floodlights in elite sport

The trend is clearly towards LED, new construction projects are mainly already being carried out with the successor technology LED. The cost differences are not as great as they used to be, the performance classes of the headlights have improved and light pollution is minimised. If you look at top-class sport, you can still see clear differences in the lighting. Floodlighting has not yet been upgraded to the state of the art everywhere.

Conclusion LED in the professional soccer field:

The strength of the economy directly reflects the modernization of the floodlights. Germany clearly shows the difference, economically strong clubs already have LED floodlights and thus bring a new experience to the stadiums, whereas those who have been promoted or relegated do not yet have floodlights. However, the trend in modern lighting is clearly in the direction of LEDs, new stadiums such as the Raiffeisen Arena in Linz for LASK are already getting LED floodlights in the much more economical Austrian Bundesliga. In Switzerland it’s the same as in Austria: there are no modernizations, new buildings are equipped with LED floodlights.

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