Reasons to Upgrade Led Sports Lighting in Municipalities and Schools

LED Sports Lighting could use at schools, municipalities, and sports clubs, meet a variety of challenges in energy consumption and spend, maintenance fees and budget,in order to settle this problem,many organizations like to updated their sports field, stadium, or court lighting:

First,Quality Efficiency

Comparing with natural light,CRI is the major measurement of actual color of objects.Normally, HPS and MHL have a CRI<30,but LED lighting will up 70Ra.What’s the difference of Led and HPS,MHL ?Just as mentioned above led have higher CRI than HPS,MHL,which will help players have better experience and clear vision to play the ball accurately,in the other hand,fans also could see the game more clearly and feels the light more evenly,which will appear as natural and comfortable light illumination.

Second,Maintenance fees  

Many sports owners will care abou the ongoing cost of maintenance in use of Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lighting.The main reason to replace the old field lighting is lifetime around 20,000hours will have a maintenance problem.When mentioned about the lifetime of Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium,it will be have a significant lumen degradation in short time.What’s more,it will be a common situation that Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lighting will lose half of its lumen in the first 75000 hours or half-life of the light.

Third,Energy reduction

LEDS advantages are take a big reduction in energy usage,which will compiled tangible numbers to help your lighting project.It is not too hard to know your actual savings and return on investment,that will be use a specially ROI calculator system to help you see the benefits.


Led lights are becoming more and more popular day by day in sports stadium industry and professional sports teams are turn to use a higher efficiency and long life time Led lighting fixtures to help deduce the total cost of a organization.

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