5 Tips for Choosing Sport Lighting or Stadium Lighting

https://aikoled.comInstalling sports lighting for the football field and stadiums is a great job that can have long lasting benefits. The light distribution plays an important role in managing an exciting fantastic competive game. With quality sports lighting or stadium lighting, both the players and the spectators can benefit from good sight. Here are some tips to choose the most suitable sports lighting and stadium lighting.

1. Lighting Distribution

Good lighting beam angles are quite important for the sports field and stadium. The light uniformity will be low if the beam angle is too narrow. However, there will be a lot of waste if the beam angle is too wide. So you need to choose the most proper lighting distribution beam angle to make it the best performance for the sports lighting or stadium lighting by doing Dialux Simulation.

2. Quality Lights

High-quality lights are always the best choice for high power led products, especially for sports lighting or stadium lighting application. The high quality 5 year warranty and good thermal management of the lights results in low maintenance cost and less headache for the owners after installation.

3. IP65 Rated Lighting

IP65 rated lights for sports lighting or stadium lighting is essential to make sure the lights working properly in humidity or wet weather.

4. Thermal Management

One of the most important factors of LED lights lifespan is temperature no matter for the LED chips or the drivers. It’s better to choose the premium aluminum light because it’s the best heat-releasing material for sports lighting or stadium lighting. You may check the TM21 or ISTMT test report to get the temperature result of the luminaire.

5. Glare Issue

Glare is a problem that affects the eyes of both the players and the spectators. It is important to keep glare as low as possible. If the staidum or field is close to a residential area light pollotion impacting the neighborhood’s quality of life needs to be considered as well.


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