DMX or Dali?

As the LED industry becomes more and more popular, intelligent control has also become very important. Intelligent control can save energy and improve the utilization rate of lamps. Next, I will mainly share two types of intelligent control, namely DMX and Dali.

The biggest feature of DALI technology is that a single lamp has an independent address, and precise dimming control of a single lamp or lamp group can be performed through the DALI system. DALI system software can independently address single or multiple lamps on the same heavy current circuit or different circuits, so as to realize individual control and arbitrary grouping. Therefore, the DALI dimming system brings great flexibility to the lighting control, and the user can still adjust the function according to the needs during the operation after the installation, without making any changes to the circuit.

Contrary to Dali, DMX uses a single control panel to control all fixtures and lights. It is a centralized lighting control system compared to the decentralized DALIDMX and has multiple placement connectors to connect multiple fixtures and multiple light sources. When using DMX, it is also possible to control the color of the lights, which is not possible in a Dali connection.

  1. DMX is a fast control system, while DALI is a low-speed control system.
  2. DMX can have a maximum of 512 connections, while in DALI the maximum connection is 64 only.
  3. DMX is a centralized control panel while DALI is a decentralized control system.

Next, let us take the different situations of high pole lights as an example to analyze whether to choose DMX or Dali.

tennis court:

Since the tennis court is not very large and the lighting requirements must be controlled separately, in this case DALI is used for high pole lights, and the DALI system will help control the amount of light required on each side of the network.

Commercial area:

Commercial areas such as airports or railway stations need high pole lights for better display, vehicles, and people traveling. In such places, both types of lighting control systems can be used at the same time. For example, on airport runways, constant light is required, focusing on the airstrip itself. Therefore, the DMX light control panel can be used effectively here. On the contrary, different numbers of controlled lights are required in the airport building, in which case a lighting system based on Dali’s individual control will be more work.

No matter which lighting system you choose, DMX and Dali can provide enough visibility and light contrast. Now, these two intelligent controls are widely used in the LED industry. AIKO’s lamps are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the best lighting control solution The combination of schemes provides you with the best lighting experience.

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