Led high mast light

Classification of high pole lights

Generally can be divided into lifting type and non-lifting type. The height of the main rod of the lifting type is generally more than 18 meters, and the electric lifting operation is convenient. After the lamp plate rises to the working cursing, it can automatically take off the plate and hang the ditch.

Steel wire green unloading, lifting high pole light with manual and electric two lifting control mode, so that the lamp boat can safely and reliably down to 25 meters away from the ground, convenient maintenance work manual remote control installation

The length of the outgoing line is 10 meters, and the operator remote controls the rise and fall of the lamp plate at 5 meters, which ensures the personal safety of the operator. The elevating high-lever lamp is also equipped with a spare cable. When the lamp plate is cursed to the lowest, one end of the cable is inserted into the socket of the electrical control system, and the other end is inserted into the junction box on the lamp plate, so that the lamp plate can be directly powered and the lamp can be overseen. The seal grade of all lamps and lanterns is IP65 international standard to prevent the immersion of dust and rain and ensure the service life of the bulb. Lamps and lanterns are generally made of aluminum alloy plate with good corrosion resistance and stainless steel.

Many users may not understand the practice of installing lightning rods for LED high mast lights. Why must snow avoiding thorium be installed at the top of LED high pole lights? I’m going to explain this to you now,

The main factor for installing lightning rods in LED high-pole lights is that the height of LED high-pole light is very high, and led high pole lights are generally 15-30 meters. Everyone in daily life should find that every tall building has a snow needle installed at the top of the shield, and the principle of the LED high pole light is the same as that of the tall building.LED high mast light installation lightning rod is also a length requirement, according to the height of the high pole light to determine the length of the lightning rod, the general lightning rod is more than one meter. Due to led high mast light tripod height objects, and electricity facilities, so the high pole light is easy to be struck by lightning, and the use of lightning rod effectively avoid the existence of lightning storms on the high pole light

Danger and impact and may pose a threat to your personal installation.

Some users will also ask why after the installation of AIKO pole light can not see the snow needle? Because the high pole lamp is higher, the light source in the process of use is very many Large, and affected by light irradiation, so we look up at the high pole lamp is very high pole lamp at the top of the lightning rod.

To sum up, the installation of lightning rod is essential for LED high-pole lights. If it is light, the LED high-pole lights themselves will fail and cannot be illuminated; if it is heavy, it will threaten the safety of passers-by. Therefore, installation of lightning rod is a major link that cannot be ignored.

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