2022 Best Lighting solution for Swimming Pool

Due to the uneven water surface, it is not easy to light the pool with as low glare as possible for the player/trainee.

Today, it is very common for traditional lights to be replaced by LEDs for swimming pool lights because of the overwhelming advantages of LEDs. For example, primary and secondary reflections cause glare, so random swimmers, coaches, trainees may feel uncomfortable; after replacing these HID lights, glare was reduced by 45%. Another important point in having a good lighting plan for a swimming pool is the overall power, beam angle design and placement.

Since the concentration of water vapor is higher than other sports venues, LED swimming pool lights with high IP rating are required. Our LED lighting is suitable for swimming pools because it has IP66 certification, and the AkzoNobel anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the radiator ensures that the LED lighting works properly in high humidity and corrosive environments.

Professional swimming competitions often use direct lighting fixtures, and the cost will increase with the lighting requirements and the nature of the pool. In a standard swimming pool, a high level of lighting and waterproofing of the water surface and anti-glare is required. Precise positioning is required – the angle of incidence should be around 50 degrees to avoid glare caused by reflections. LEDs are the best metal halide or halogen replacement for direct pool lights due to their longer lifespan (25 years) and higher lighting efficiency (55% increase).

ARES series projectors meet all requirements for proper lighting of swimming pools. LED technology combined with global sports lighting standards provides an ideal environment for competitors and visitors. The specific floodlights used are ideal for lighting sports facilities, indoor and outdoor sports venues, etc.


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