How to install sports light upside-down?

Sports Light is quite different than other kinds of luminaires, because the the tough jobs of installation and renovation of the poles and other infrastructure at the site.

70% of current sports lighting projects is to retrofit the existing Metal Halide and HPS sports light fixtures. Since the design of LED sports light is quite different with Metal Halide/HPS sports light, you will meet much problems while replace them by the unqualified LED sports light.

The following show how to install our sports light upside-down on the poles. Because most of LED sports light can’t offer such competent installation.

For the single module of 400W~750W and two modules of 750W~1500W, the bracket itself can be rotated to match the upside-down installation, and it still leave room for angle adjustment.

high mast lighting

And for three modules of 1500W~1800W, it only need to turn over the bracket upside-down, and it still need no other revise of the lamp body.

flood lighting bracketfloodlighting bracket

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