2022 Buyer’s Guide for LED Pole Lights

LED light poles can be used in a variety of environments, including parking lots,
sidewalks, construction sites, parks and landscape buildings. Therefore, these lamps
must be strong, durable, corrosion-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Consider the
following points before choosing a suitable pole lamp:

The height of the rod

Although LED street lights come in a variety of sizes, authorities are often
encouraged to conduct surveys to assess acceptable pole heights for specific
areas. By providing additional details, such as the number of lamps required
per light pole, the type of lamp and the number of light poles, the survey helps
to develop an effective street lighting plan. At LEDMyplace we have several LED
pole lights ranging from 12m to 15m that can be used in several locations.

street lighting illumination area

Weather Resistant


Outdoor Commercial LED pole lights are susceptible to saltwater corrosion in some places, such as along the coast. As a result, only high-quality pole lights can be used. Additional protective steps, such as applying special anti-corrosive coatings, may be taken by concerned authorities. Over the years, pole lights have undergone several improvements. However, as the need for environmental protection and sustainability increases, it is crucial to expand the use of renewable energy sources and make them a viable choice for all. LED solar lighting solutions could be an excellent long-term energy-saving option in such a situation.

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