Why We Make Apollo High Mast Lighting?

Throughout the years, as living standards have continuously improved, people have had higher expectations of their living environment. Thus, city squares have appeared at various cities. There are several street lighting systems in the intersection section, but the high mast lighting is most prominent. Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, high mast lights feature a lifting mechanism, which provides its unique lifting function at no additional cost during high-altitude maintenance. High mast lights, which are both visually appealing and functional, have become one of the most popular street lights in the recent years, and consequently, the sales volume of high mast lights by AIKO Lighting has risen dramatically.   Custom 750W High Mast Light Project: 180 set 750W high mas light with tempered glass at type III, 140Lm/W,70Ra,adpot with PHILLIPS driver and Osram Light Source. Certificates & Test reports: ENEC,EB,CE,UL,IP66,IK08,LM79,LM82
Apollo LED High Mast Lighting

So what’s the most significant part of a high mast light?

Let’s follow the staff of #Shenzhen #high mast light #manufacturers to find out. In the opinion of #AIKO #lighting #manufacturers, the most significant thing about High mast lights is not its unique shape, nor the easy-to-maintain lifting system, but the light source.

Though the lifting system of the light pole makes it easy to maintain, it isn’t as important as the light source.

Due to the difficulty of maintaining the high mast lights, this situation occurs. Only professional technicians are able to maintain the high mast lights. As a result, the manufacturer is required to send a professional to the site for every repair. However, who will be responsible for paying for the repairs? How much time was wasted? Thus, the quality of the high pole lamp is the most significant factor to consider when choosing a light source. Similarly, the high-pole lamp is the light source for the entire set of lamps. Despite its easy maintenance and broken state, it is preferable that it not be broken. As long as the lamps are not defective, the whole set of high pole lights is considered to be of high quality.

#AIKO Lighting produces world-class LED high-power lighting fixtures. Known for high quality and high performance, we only benchmark against top brands such as #Philips and #Musco Lighting.

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APOLLO High Mast Lighting

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