How to choose the right warranty for the LED sports lights?

When AIKO updated the court lights, it encountered a lot of questions from customers. Among them, customers are most concerned about the issue of quality assurance. Reliability, quality and price have always been our principle of survival. Now let me explain how to choose the right warranty for the LED sports lights.

(1) If the industry standard is a 10-year warranty, but someone claims to offer a 25-year warranty. If you don’t think there’s a trap, how can it be?
(2) Read the warranty carefully to avoid clauses and loopholes that may void the warranty
(3) Do not assume that the lights currently in use will remain the same.
(4) The size of the company providing the lighting matters. The larger the company and the longer it has been in business, the more guaranteed the warranty will be.
(5) Do not assume that the warranty is more important than the overall system performance. Choose the system that works best for you.
No electronics are guaranteed for more than 25 years. If an LED sports light is guaranteed for more than 10 years or more, there’s usually a catch. Often it will limit the scope of use, such as lightning-prone areas, but most importantly the warranty only covers certain accessories. Equipment operators can’t get involved in warranty arguments. People don’t buy a car for a warranty, and 70% of consumers don’t pay for an extended warranty. Equipment operators must understand that the 25-year warranty is built into the price. Consumer is better to choose 10 years warranty, and open to choose extended warranty according to specific circumstances.
From our observation, warranties beyond 10 years generally do not last. Because all drivers are bound to break down at least once after 10 years. So it’s a very easy loophole to get out of. And can you guarantee that the company providing the warranty will still be around 25 years from now? There are many companies that claim that their LED lamps will not need to be repaired for 25 years, but this is based on the lamps working no more than eight hours a week.

An excessively long warranty is not a good option. Because products become obsolete and new technologies replace old ones. Once you understand the details and pitfalls of warranty, you will be able to choose the best product or service based on reliability, functionality, cost performance, need, etc.

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