What kind of sports lighting are used in NBA arenas?

The 77th NBA regular season, which comprises 82 games per team, will tip off on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022, and conclude on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

The regular season will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 18.In the first game, the Philadelphia 76ers will visit the reigning Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics (7:30 p.m. ET).  In the second game, the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors will receive their championship rings before hosting the Los Angeles Lakers (10 p.m. ET).

In order to provide fans with a better viewing experience, 29 arenas, including Crypto.com Arena、Chase Center and Madison Square Garden, have maintained their lighting facilities in advance.

What kind of sports lighting are used in NBA arenas? This requires us to return to the essence of sports lighting – functional requirements. In the lighting design of stadiums, glare and interfering light are the primary unfavorable factors affecting athletes’ competitive level, and are also important factors affecting the quality of TV broadcasts. Glare is an important indicator that affects light health and light environment. Glare refers to the visual conditions that cause visual discomfort and reduce the visibility of objects due to unsuitable brightness distribution or extreme brightness contrast in space or time. A feeling of light in the visual field that the human eye cannot adapt to, which may cause disgust, discomfort or even loss of vision.

For viewership, sporting events are generally held at night, which makes many stadiums consume a lot of electricity, so energy saving has become the primary consideration for stadium lighting. Among energy-saving products, LED stadium lights are the best. Compared with traditional light sources, LED stadium lights can save energy by 50% to 70%. LED lamps are more suitable for stadium lighting due to their unique features such as low power consumption, adjustable color quality, flexible control, and instant ignition.

Such as AIKO‘s the Harmony G3 product only needs 3 modules to reach 1800W, and its weight is lighter than other lamps on the market, which can prolong the life of the lamp pole. The world-renowned brands used in our lamp beads can fully guarantee that the lamp has good performance. In NBA stadiums, of course, there will be high requirements for lighting, and players cannot feel glare affecting the game, so it is very necessary to reduce glare. For G3, we can control its lighting angle to reduce unnecessary light outflow, so that players and spectators can focus more on the game and bring a better experience. G3 can support the live broadcast of live events with almost no splash screen. Secondly, TLCI>90, it can restore the color of the scene well and bring a better visual experience to the audience.

The season is starting, let the fun begin!Let’s look forward to each NBA team’s performance.

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