How to Choose the Right Sport Lighting Solution

Lighting solution for your stadium, here are our five top tips which need to be noted.

1,Knowing lighting standard.

First you need to figure out what types of your stadium belongs to,and which standard you need to follow, usually we follow the European EN12193 additional knowing your local standard is also necessary.

2,indoor and outdoor fields notices.

There are different conditions in indoor and outdoor stadium,for indoors, we need to consider glare, and the natural light, which come from the skylights or windows.So we have to cover shielding layer on them.If the led sports light comes with a reflector or Daylight sensor, it will be helpful to reduce the glare, save energy wasting and other costs.

For outdoors,you need to care about whether the light will spill into residential areas or roads,producing light trespass and light pollution.In addition to avoid neighbors or pedestrians complain.

3,Emergency and smart control.

It is also important to be aware of security and continuous lighting, for some special requirements or large projects, the smart system is essential,

 Many functional,three output channels, and sorts of smart options.they can reach a range of great effects.All of these stuff you can get from AIKO.And we need to consider factors like light system efficiency,glare control.

4,Uniform and comfortable lighting.

Uniform lighting cannot be ignored,the higher index ratio is the better uniformity will be , On the other hand,if you want to take a high quality picture in the stadium,you have to make sure the driver ripple factor is less than 3%,which mean there is no flicker.Meanwhile,choosing high color rendering index,will bring you a perfect effect ti HD broadcasting.

5,led fixtures maintenance.

For stadium lighting fixtures,maintenance is very difficult and expensive,so each piece of them must be carefully designed,precisely installed and adjusted, so you can replace some of them,easily and save on your budget.

Why choosing AIKO sport led fixture?

As for AIKO, we have got plenty of experience in stadium lighting project,we will supply you the technical consult on how to renew install and maintain lighting system.and we will please to work for your needs and budget, if you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us!

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