High Mast Lighting Compare With Flood lighting

When we construct large outdoor lighting projects,we should choose appropriate led lighting fixtures to applications,should you choose High Mast Lighting or Flood Lighting ? it’s a hard choice to identify which one suit for your projects if without knowing difference between them.Actually,they do have many different in features,specifications,and solutions.

In terms of difference of High mast lighting and Flood lighting,it’s both commonly used in large areas,however,its differences could cover many points like: light distribution, pattern, mounting, vibration resistance,surge protection,Dark Sky Compliance and so on.

High Mast lights are often use in higher and taller poles than flood lights which is usually most noticeable differences.As usually,if you want to illuminate large area ,you should use higher poles to let lights higher mounted.(it’s a best way to keep the total amount of poles in minimum).Therefore,when illuminating larger areas,it’s a better choice to choose high mast lights.

In order to illuminating large areas applications,contractors also usually choose a high mast lighting with a very high mounting height,normally high mast lighting poles height range from 50ft to 150ft which are mounted to poles via fixed rings or lowering devices.Every pole usually have 3 to 12 lighting fixtures,so high mast lights are the ideal option when you need to less poles to illuminate a large area.

Where is high mast lighting usually use ?High mast lighting is often used in industrial and municipal organizations in large plaza,parking lots,rail yards,ports,highways,and airports and so on.

Flood lighting is similar used in outdoor applications but usually mounted on low poles and specially for buildings where need to illuminate a variety of areas.In addition,it could be mounted on small buildings with a variety of angles,distributing the light accordingly.

Where is flood lighting usually use ?flood lighting is usually used to illuminate most of the areas for security ,vehicle &pedestrian use,as well as the other sports lighting or high mast lighting which need to illuminate targeted outdoor areas.

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