Upgrading Metal Halide To LED Sport Lighting

It is necessary to replace the traditional metal halide with led sports lighting. Because the advantage of using led sports field lamp is far greater than that of metal halide. But How to find the perfect substitute for your metal halide?

Unfortunately, most led sports lighting companies do not advertise their weaknesses, leading many clubs to choose led sports lights which are not very suitable. It works, but it’s not the best solution. So here are some tips to make sure you don’t make mistakes when Upgrading Metal Halide To LED Sport Lighting.

1. poles
First of all, keep in mind that for most courses, the cost of a poles is much higher than that of a lamp. Therefore, we should give priority to the factor of poles.
If you keep the old poles, check the weight and sail area of the led sports lighting. Generally speaking, led sports lighting are much heavier than metal halides.
Traditional metal halides are usually large but relatively light. The old poles matches the property of metal halide. Replacing 20 kilograms of metal halides with 30 kilograms of led sports lights may not seem like a big deal, but when multiplied by 6 or 8, our experience tells us that the results can be catastrophic. It is not uncommon for poles to fall due to being overweight and can be fatal.
The sail area is related to the wind resistance. Many traditional metal halides are installed flat or horizontally, so the sail area is very small. Therefore, when choosing led sports lighting, we should consider the sail area. Small size led stadium lights are your priority.

2. light distribution
Many metal halide accessories (especially Phillips MVP), although old, have excellent light distributions and are very efficient. And the spill light control is good. But many led sports lighting companies do not make a corresponding good light distributions. Many LED emit light at 180D and rely on optical elements or reflectors to control the light distribution. This is good, as long as optics is good. Spill light will shine light where you don’t need it,, such as your neighbor’s yard.

3. Lighting plan.
A lighting plan is a must. But you need to find an experienced lighting designer to do it. Don’t think everything will be all right with IES. Many IES files are generated using the best conditions and performance of light and do not accurately reflect the performance of the site. The site is often more complex, there will be some negative factors, a relatively small mistake can lead to very poor actual performance. In particular, at present, many of the funds are based on national standards, and if the final appearance does not meet these standards, the funding may not be released or even withdrawn. In the end, not only do you have no compliance facilities, but you also lose money. One more thing to mention here is that your lighting design must take the spill light into account, which is an important requirement of the committee.

4. Excellent  Definition

.Whether it’s a country club or an international tournament club, CRI ranges from 70 to 90 to ensure that you have the right visibility and clarity. Of course, for international clubs, CRI often requires more than 80%.

5. App control

This allows you to get lighting level remote control or power usage reports to help you optimize the use of lighting.

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