How To Choose the Right LED Soccer Field Lighting?

There are lots of options available for LED Soccer Field Lighting. This article help you to choose the right Soccer Field Stadium or LED Soccer Field Lighting.

Today, I’m going to talk about LED Soccer field lighting. Soccer fields usually are found in schools or towns, Wherever it may be, and depending on the level of play you have, will determine the amount of light you require.

Usually you’ll find you have either four or six poles on a soccer field, and there’s either two or three on the long sides, depending on the height, which will also determine the type of fixture we would use.

Soccer sports are not the same to tennis, pickleball, and American football, soccer fields can range in size quite dramatically. Youth soccer fields barely resemble a soccer field used in the World Cup. Standard soccer field sizes can range anywhere from 100 yards -130 yards length and 50 yards -100 yards width. This variance  makes creating specific, ready-to-buy lighting packages be difficult.

Soccer fields do however have some uniform elements. For example, the diameter of a soccer field’s center circle is always 20 yards. The penalty box is always 18 yards by 44 yards, and the goal area is always 6 yards deep. Knowing that the soccer field is always symmetrical on both sides is helpful in determining placement of poles and luminaires.

 The quantity of LED Soccer field lighting will depend on the LUX requirements. Four poles will typically be used to light a soccer field. Depending on the location of the soccer field, certain pole materials may be chosen over others. Please discuss with your lighting specialist before determining which poles to use in your soccer lighting project.

If you don’t have idea of how to choose the right LED Soccer Field Lighting, we’ll recommend how many of you should have, how to install, what height they are, and in turn recommend the right fixture, provide you a quote and lead time so you can plan your field upgrade to LED lighting.

So contact us today and AIKO’ll provide the right solution for you.


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