What Light Should I Choose for Hazardous Environments

LED is perhaps one of the most energy efficient contributions to the lighting and electrical equipment industry that has transformed the way we perceive the concept of illumination. Hazardous environments can be defined as highly industrialized areas with harsh & hazardous environments that may contain explosive vapors & gases, and has a result, have specialized lighting requirements. Lighting fixtures play an important role in the safe, efficient and productive operation of any industrial facility or production process. Darkened, enclosed and round-the clock operations reply on them exclusively for illumination.

AIKO led lighting have several advantages which designed specifically for hazardous environments and specifically handle the highly corrosive elements, combustible dusts and flammable gases and vapours that are endemic to these industries. Our lights have explosion-proof design, the components are encased to prevent potential sparks or flames from escaping the internal housing. And it allows greater mobility which built with a sturdy frame and thicker tempered glass lenses and make them highly resistant to vibrations. This durable design allows the easy transportation of these lights from one place to another by forklifts or other machines without the risk of damage or malfunction, thus making them more portable and also makes them an ideal choice for operations who require mobile illumination.

Our lights are extremely energy efficient which use more than 90% of the energy to produce light and have near-zero heat or conversion loss to account for, it’s means that they use a lot less power to function. Our lighting is suitable for use in wet location and undergo rigorous testing procedures that comply with marine outside type. Hazardous locations and corrosion go hand in hand, gases inherently present in these environments eat away at surfaces and require protection beyond the capabilities of low cost fixtures. Unlike liquid paint, powder coating uses an electrostatic process to apply a finish to metallic parts in a dry state.

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