How to Choose Tennis Court Lighting?

Tennis is a ball game, usually divided into singles and doubles. Tennis is the traditional strength of Europeans and Americans, and has high requirements for strength and speed. In the sport of tennis, some professional athletes can serve at a speed of 200+km/h. Because the initial speed of the tennis ball is too fast, it is quite difficult to judge the landing point of the tennis ball.

How to Choose Tennis Court Lighting? AIKO Lighting’s LED products are a good choice. AIKO Lighting’s lamps are tailor-made according to the different characteristics of tennis courts, anti-glare, high uniformity, non-dazzling, comfortable, without any light pollution. The lamp body is made of aluminum material, and adopts cold forging process, and the structure adopts air convection design to ensure better heat dissipation effect.

The light source of AIKO Lighting adopts high-quality high-power lamp beads, with high brightness, the light color is integrated with the stadium, and the life is long and the light is softer. The power supply is controlled by the intelligent chip to achieve the effect of voltage regulation and current flow, which ensures the long-lasting life of the lamps.

AIKO company is a good choice for environmental protection and energy saving in tennis courts!

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