Blue light and LED

It is heard again and again that the blue component in LED light is harmful to the eyes. This is basically correct, but only if LED light is not used properly. It must therefore be explained when, where and how exactly blue light is harmful.

Circardian rhythm – daylight (left image)

The course of daylight begins with cold light. Illuminance levels increase up to midday and the light gets colder. In the course of the afternoon, the light colors become warmer and the illuminance levels decrease. The course of daylight leads us to the resting phase in the evening. This also reduces the blue component in daylight. Cold light colors have a higher proportion of blue light than warm light colors.

There is a big difference between the blue light components of the LEDs in smartphones, iphones, screens, tablets, low-quality LED lights etc. and the blue light components of high-quality LEDs in luminaires for workplace environments.

light direction

Daylight, too, especially in the morning hours, has a high spectral content in the blue range. This light comes flatly from above and our body has evolved to adapt to it.

The light from smartphones and other electronic devices etc. is aimed directly at the eyes and is therefore unnatural.

Blue light components in LEDs are not automatically harmful to health. When used professionally, these are more suitable for increasing visual comfort and the ability to concentrate at the workplace..

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