Baseball Stadium Cost and Lighting Design Guide

We provide professional lighting for baseball stadiums for world-class tournaments like Major League Baseball (MLB). Light is an essential part of the game, and a good floodlighting system can not only liven up a baseball game, but also improve player performance. We supply LED lights for baseball stadiums and can provide LED replacement fixtures for 1000W, 1500W and even 2000W Metal Halide, Mercury, Halogen and HPS lights. Because our unique heat dissipation system helps to reduce the temperature of the LED chip, the life of the lamp is extended to 80000 hours. The anti-glare ability of the lamp has increased by 30%, but the cost of lighting can still remain the same.

This article will walk you through how to light a baseball stadium and basic tips about the cost of stadium lighting.

Baseball Field Lighting Requirements

There are many standards and requirements that need to be followed to provide a lighting solution for a baseball stadium.

  1. Desired lux level

For a standard minor league game, infield lighting should be at least 540 lux and outfield lighting should be at least 320 lux.

  1. Illumination Uniformity Standard

What is uniformity? It represents the ratio between the minimum illuminance and the maximum illuminance in the baseball field, or the ratio between the average illuminance and the maximum illuminance. The best lighting system should have as high uniformity as possible to avoid obvious dark areas, the best uniformity of the inner field is 0.5, and the best uniformity of the outer field is 0.4 for the outer field, it can be seen that the inner field Field lighting requires a higher standard.

  1. No strobe lighting

The top speed of baseball is about 100 to 150 km/h, and our LED lights support 6000 Hz high-speed camera, so we will never miss any crucial moment.

  1. CRI

Baseball fields require a CRI of at least 65, and our LED lights have a CRI of 80 or greater, allowing cameras to capture “true color”.

How much does baseball stadium lighting cost?

Before purchasing a new or replacement baseball stadium lighting fixture, you may wonder how much it will cost. In fact, the cost has many meanings, such as the cost of the lighting equipment used in the baseball stadium, the cost of electricity, and the installation involved. The cost of baseball stadium lighting and more. Now, we will introduce you to the price of baseball stadium lighting and a guide to how to save money.

The price of stadium lighting can vary greatly, so it needs to be carefully considered. Factors that determine the cost of baseball field lights include:

a.The country of the manufacturer

If it is baseball stadium LED lights made in the United States, UK or other European countries, their prices must be obvious on the high side. Because in these developed countries, labour costs, material costs and factory rents are relatively high, most of the money you pay will eventually flow into the pockets of other companies instead of being used for stadium lighting. So, here comes the question, how to save money? The easiest way is to find a reliable company with production lines in Asian countries, where the manufacturing cost of lighting equipment is generally lower, of course, you need to find a more reliable company. The price difference between baseball stadium lights from the United States and Asia is as high as 30% or even 90%. If purchased from the United States, the total cost of a standard baseball stadium light bulb is about 120,000 to 200,000 US dollars, but the price in China is about 40,000 to 90,000 US dollars. You can definitely reduce your project expenses and increase your profits if you take this cost-effective approach to purchase light fixtures.

b.Type of lighting

Many baseball stadiums still use metal halide, halogen or HPS because they cost much less than LED lights, so many contractors tend to buy these conventional lighting fixtures for baseball stadiums, You may think that their low price will save you a lot of money. However, this is not entirely true. For the same rated power, the lumen of halogen lamps is about 10 times smaller than that of LED lights, which means that if you choose halogen lights, you need 10 times more lights for halogen lights than you need for LED lights. For example, a single 500W Halogen Flood Light costs about $40-$80, and a 500W LED is about $400-$500, and you will need to buy 10 x 500W Halogen to produce comparable brightness to 1x500W LED, so the total cost will be pretty much the same and you’re leaving out one important parameter – the life of the lights, you’ll need to replace your halogen or metal halide lights every year or two because they lose brightness quickly, you’ll find a baseball field become very dim. But this is not the case for LED lights, because the average service life of LED lights is 50.000 hours, so for LED lights, maintenance cost is negligible.

c.Standards for baseball games

The more professional the baseball game, the higher the lighting cost required for the baseball field. If your baseball field is designed for training or entertainment, then the lighting cost of your baseball field is about 30,000 – 60,000 dollars. And if your stadium needs to hold international league games, the total lighting cost will increase to $80,000 – $150,000.

Why is the cost so high? This is because in professional baseball games, LED floodlights need to provide horizontal and vertical illuminance that can meet the requirements of 4K and 8K TV broadcasts. In addition, this kind of baseball field also needs to be kept high uniformity of illumination. Then its lighting design must be more complicated, and the cost of lights will be higher accordingly.

It is worth mentioning that we AIKO can provide free lighting design for different types of stadiums, and we have factories in China, our LED lights are very affordable, we can provide you with the best baseball stadium lights.

d.Operating Costs of Baseball Stadium Lighting

As an electrical contractor, you may also be wondering about the running costs of upgrading baseball field lights to LEDs. Let’s take a baseball field that requires 30,000W LED lights as an example, and the daily running cost is $ 0.12/1000 (American average electricity bill) x 8 hours (use time) x 30,000W = $28.8. We can quickly compare this value to a halogen light, which would require about 300,000 watts if it illuminated the entire spherical area, so the running cost of the baseball field due to the electricity used per day = $0.12/1000 x 8 hours x 300,000W = $288, their difference is $259.2! Remember, this is just the daily running cost, if you replace the halogen lights with LED lights, you can save about $5000 per month and $60,000 per year in electricity bills.

We provide free lighting designs for all kinds of baseball stadiums, whether it’s in a high school, college, community, recreational facility or MLB stadium. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.


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