How to select the proper flood light for sports field?

Market Value of Stadium Lighting

Stadium lighting market value worth USD500 million in 2021 and will reach USD1.5 billion by 2030. This data is only for stadiums, not even the market of community and recreational sports fields. By that imagination, the whole sports lighting market could be USD5 billion by 2030.

Application for Sports Fields

Sports fields have different levels of lighting requirements. The stadiums and fields of clubs or schools are basically for competition games. Parks and other playgrounds are for normal people entertainment. Different kinds of sports fields also have different requirements. For example baseball and American football will require enough vertical illumination.

How to select the correct flood light

When you select flood light for sports field, you must consider lighting levels, height of poles,scale of the field, and glare requirement. For example, if you use too high power flood light on low pole to illuminate the field, it’ll get too much glare to players. If the field is close to neighbor’s buildings, you must consider the spill light to make sure no obtrusive light to neighbors.

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