How to choose efficient stadium lights?

With the increasing development of sports in recent years, more and more participants and people watching the game, which requires stadium lighting need to be better.

Television broadcasts have played an important role in influencing the evolution of lighting in the long term. Equipped with advanced LED sports lighting, from professional sports leagues to college games, these clips can now be played at 20,000 frames per second without flickering. Sports fans can capture every second of the replay in detail, or slow down to get a more direct view of an athlete’s movement in detail.

Advances in lighting technology have also made LED operating costs more attractive than ever, more affordable than traditional lighting such as metal halide lamps, and venues that install LEDs can save more than 75% of the cost. 

In stadium lighting design, designers must first understand and master the requirements of stadium lighting: illuminance standards and lighting quality. Then, the lighting scheme should be determined according to the possible installation height and location of the stadium building structure.

Good stadium lighting should have anti-glare treatment, no glare; create a comfortable light environment; high color reproduction; It has the advantages of long service life, soft light, high uniformity, and obvious energy-saving effect.

There is a high demand for lighting in competitions in the stadium. The stadium lighting should avoid mistakes caused by the lights being too bright or too dark. Therefore, intelligent lighting control will be more suitable for the stadium. As a new light source, LED is very different from traditional metal halide lamps. These differences will also bring about revolutionary changes in the operation, management, and realization of lighting in stadiums, which can realize real intelligent control.

Stadium lights LED lights are an indispensable component in a competitive event. Choosing the right stadium lights LED lights can effectively ensure the normal progress of sports events. Remember not to be greedy for cheap and bad materials to avoid big mistakes. In addition, choosing a good stadium light LED light can also provide a comfortable competitive viewing environment and atmosphere for players and spectators.

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