Dark-Sky Friendly LED Sports Lighting

Nowadays, since the light pollution, people who lives in cities hardly can see nice stars in the sky at night. Light pollution means the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light, can have serious environmental consequences for humans, climate and wildlife. And researchers claim that many people in Europe live under light-polluted skies.

Uncontrolled outdoor lighting robs us of the experience of seeing a night sky brimming with stars. Poor lighting wastes billions of dollars per year in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

How to judge whether the light is dark-sky friendly or not? One of the criteria is o up light. We can see data from IES file which tested for led light. If show up light rate 0%, that means lighting is shining downward to the position where needed, it doesn’t have waste of lights and wouldn’t cause lighting pollution to the sky.

There are just four main dark sky lighting principles you need to know if you want to reduce your amount of light pollution (minimize the amount illumination, minimize the area of illumination, minimize the duration of illumination, use long-wavelength lights) To minimize the harmful effects of light pollution, lighting should only be on when needed, only light the area that needs it, be no brighter that necessary, minimize blue light emissions and eliminate upward-directed light etc…

Are you looking for dark sky-friendly sports lighting fixtures?

One of the advantages of our Harmony AFL09 G3 sports lighting is that it can be dimmed. And it can be turned down or off when they aren’t needed and then brought back to full brightness as necessary. This feature both saves on energy and reduces light pollution during the night. Our G3 is specially designed to control the spill light and glare light, which has asymmetric lenses.

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