How To Choose A Perfect Sports Light? Just Brightness Is Not Enough

Today we look at the construction and development of sports courts from the perspective of sports lighting.

According to the court, it can be divided into: indoor court VS outdoor court.

In order to improve the utilization rate of the stadium, more and more indoor courts are considered to be built as comprehensive stadiums instead of traditional single-function stadiums, which not only improves the use efficiency, but also puts forward higher requirements for the stadium construction, especially the sports lighting. To meet the lighting requirements of badminton, basketball, volleyball and other sports as well as large-scale events, the led sports light need to have anti-glare, high light efficiency, instant start, good stability and single lamp can be connected to the intelligent control system. This is also the direction of AIKO LIGHTING’s production and research. It also solves the embarrassment of the overall lighting in the early stage, but it is not professional enough when it comes to individual sports. It can only temporarily arrange the lighting for large events. It also greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs of the venue, and achieves a set of lamps and intelligent programming to solve all the lighting needs in the room.

In addition to the complex lighting requirements for indoor venues, the lighting requirements for outdoor courts are also getting higher and higher. In addition to the ordinary like outdoor basketball is relatively simple, other like large football fields, golf courses, etc., the field lighting parameters, more and more subdivided, more and more professional. Like the light distribution of lamps, there are few requirements in the indoor court, because the space is not too big compared with the indoor court, the light distribution of lamps is basically a large Angle. And in the outdoor court, the light distribution of the lamps is an important factor. The characteristics of the outdoor court: Large space, high pole installation, lighting distance is far, in order to achieve good uniformity, small Angle light distribution of lamps is particularly important, AIKO designed lamps, there are more than a dozen modes of light distribution, with less than 10 degrees of light Angle, can perfectly cover the field lighting area, at the same time, lamps can also be optional overflow cover, prevent light pollution, so that the stadium should be bright place, should not be bright place is not bright.

This is AIKO’s simple analysis of indoor and outdoor court lighting.

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