Reasons to choose AIKO’s ROYAL AST04 Street Light

AST04 ROYAL is designed based on the opinions of a European customer who has cooperated with us for many years.

It is a product that is ahead of the quality of similar products on the market. Strictly follow EU standards for enhancing quality.

Below are some of the features and benefits of ROYAL.

Self-cleaning Function

Self-cleanness Smooth body would greatly diminish dust accumulation and bird droppings.

AST04 LED Street Lighting

Appearance Design

In view of the characteristics of street lights, adopt a slim, streamlined optimized design to reduce the windward area and reduce the wind resistance.

slim design of led street lighting

Professional respirator

It is totally different from the respirator for street lights on the market.

It is not exposed to the outside, protected from rain and sun, making it more durable.

led street lighting

260W and 280W lamp body have heat dissipation ribs.

heatsink fins of the street lighting

Tool-free Open

Patented lever lock design, can quickly open and close the power cavity, to achieve simple maintenance functions.

  • Power-off Protection: Power would automatically be off once the fixture body opened.
  • Surge protection device: 10KV or 20KV Surge protection Device(Class I / Class II).
  • LED Driver: Inventronics/ Philips /Sosen, Class I / Class II, DALI / 1-10V/0-10V optional.
  • Level bubble

open of the street lighting

Excellent heat dissipation performance

The heat sink adopts an integrated die-casting design, combined with professional heat dissipation analysis to optimize the heat dissipation design, which can improve product life and reliability. In order to be suitable for different use environments, ADC12 or LM6 can be selected as the heat sink material. The surface of ADC12 housing adopts high anti-corrosion spray material, and the salt spray can reach 500 hours; the surface of LM6 housing adopts high anti-corrosion spray material, and the salt spray can reach 1000 hours.

heat management of the street lighting

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