AIKO Has Focused On The Research and Development of Stadium Lighting Products and Outdoor Intelligent Interconnected Lighting Systems.

A smart lighting system, also known as an intelligent lighting system, is made up of communication modules, sensors, and LED lights that are linked to a remote server. Usually, this server is located in the cloud. This server makes sure that the lights adjust in accordance with changes in ambient lighting and movement.

Every smart light uses a mesh networking setup to function. The lighting systems used indoors and outside do differ in a few ways.

Outdoor & Industrial
TThe wireless mesh protocol-based Command and Control Management System (CCMS), which powers the outdoor smart lighting system, is used. 50 to 100 luminaries are linked by a wireless mesh to an IoT gateway, which relays the information to the server application through ethernet, wifi, or cellular data. The server application sends and receives useful data from desktop and mobile applications. This makes smartphone or computer control simple.
Residential & Commercial
With the use of wireless mesh networks, smart lights for homes and businesses such as wifi/Bluetooth lamps, battens, downlighters, and panels can be controlled via mobile apps or through smart speakers such as Google Assistant, Amazon, etc. A hub device can be used to control the mesh network. This device is linked to a network, which transmits signals to the speakers and smartphone.

As already discussed, the underlying technology that is used in residential and outdoor smart lighting systems is the same, but there are significant differences in the features and benefits of these two systems.
Smart control smart lighting technology based on intelligent control system controls the degree and timing of lighting the lamps, according to the signals that are taken by the light sensors in the place. The future of smart lights is extremely bright.

In the past 12 years, AIKO has focused on the research and development of stadium lighting products and outdoor intelligent interconnected lighting systems.Because of focus, so professional.

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