5 Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Stadiums

Most stadiums and indoor arenas use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps for all overhead lighting needs. The wattage of stadium lights is much higher than other outdoor lighting applications such as billboards, roads and parking lots. While HID lamps are very efficient, they require a lot of time to warm up. In recent years, LED lights are gradually replacing HID lights. The reason is that LED floodlights can be turned off instantly, turned on instantly, and start quickly. What are the benefits of using LED lights in sports venues?

no warm-up time

Unlike HID lighting, which takes up to 20 minutes to reach 90% brightness, LED lighting reaches full brightness the moment it is fully turned on. This means that there is no need for warm-up time, which is a waste of energy when using LED lighting in sports venues. The moment you press the switch, the lights are all on and the game can begin.

Reduced maintenance effort and costs

Another benefit of LED lighting is its potential long life. This becomes important in stadium lighting where replacing bulbs or fixtures takes a lot of effort and expense. These lights are not easily accessible, so replacing a single light requires additional time and labor.

ALKO Lighting fixtures last significantly longer than HID lighting, so you won’t need to spend as much time replacing fixtures. These lights are rated to last over 100,000 hours, which means they will last for years. The monolithic structure of the luminaire protecting all sensitive components, as well as the patented ventilation system against thermal damage, prolong life and reduce maintenance costs.

reduce energy costs

Companies that own and maintain sports venues are always looking for ways to reduce energy costs without sacrificing the quality of light used in their facilities and events. HID lighting became the preferred choice for stadium lighting because it was originally developed to provide higher lumens per watt than other outdoor lighting options. However, LEDs now offer an opportunity to be more efficient.

HID lamps range in wattage from 400 to 2,000. AIKO Lighting fixtures have an equivalent brightness range of 230 to 750 watts. This means that the stadium lighting company can reduce energy costs by as much as 63% simply by switching from HID to AIKO’s LED products. Over time, this adds significant energy savings.

better color rendering

One of the challenges faced by modern stadium lighting companies is the need for lighting that can reproduce true-to-life colors. LED lighting provides illumination very close to natural sunlight. With AIKO Lighting luminaires, you can enjoy glare-free lighting with UGH<19 and correct color rendering with CRI>85. That means colors look accurate not only to spectators in the stadium, but also to those watching at home.

High-definition televisions and recording systems require specific lighting that is difficult to achieve with traditional lighting options. AIKO Lighting luminaires are specifically designed to meet the needs of 4K and HDTV broadcasts, so events can be televised.

Improved Lighting Performance

Not only does LED lighting require no warm-up time, but it also provides excellent illumination throughout the life of the lamp or fixture. This means, it will not lose its effect over time and the stadium will enjoy the same brightness year after year.

In contrast, HID lighting tends to use up the light quality and light output over time, resulting in changes in the overall light quality well before the expected life of the lamp. The lights not only dim, but also change color, taking on an orange or pink hue on the ground below. This results in poor color rendering and increases visual fatigue for players and viewers.

From improving energy to improving overall lighting and brightness, LEDs are the smart choice for stadium lighting companies. AIKO Lighting fixtures offer industry-leading technology that delivers all the benefits of LEDs with longer life and the industry’s best lighting clarity. Shop AIKO Lighting today and find the right light fixture for your stadium needs.

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